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This is addressed to my entire flist, my family, my real life friends, and anyone I happen to meet on the street. If you take it personally, good! Because it's targeted at everyone personally!

People are allowed to disagree with you.

What makes us human is how we think, and there is no way an entire group of people is going to think the exact same way. People are going to disagree with you and you damn well better accept it, because there is no way you're going to get far without that.

Now, recap.

People are allowed to disagree with you.

And that does not mean you have the right to rip them a new one, especially those you consider friends or family. Know why? Because friends/family means something, beyond some stupid, petty disagreement you might be having at the time. You have no right to make someone feel like crap just because they have a different opinion than you, especially if you say you care about them.

You might be offended by what they say. You might be hurt. But you work through it like the adults all of us like to think of ourselves as. You address it, you express how you're feeling without making other people feel like crap, and then you let it go, unless it's something so drastic you can't. I'm guilty of this part myself. Fuck, you have no idea how guilty I am of it, and I know everyone else is, too. But you try, goddamnit. That's all you can do in life, so you fucking try.

In conclusion.

People are allowed to disagree with you.

This is triggered by a hell of a lot, and, yes, while some of it is on my flist, a great deal of it is from real life, as well. You're pissed off at me now? Fine, great. You defriend me over this? Peachy keen. But if you do, you just proved everything I said right.
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