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Noblewomen oversaw the entire running of the estate: tilling the field, making candles, overseeing meals, directing servants, and tithing, among other tasks.

An average day for a noble woman might include attending morning mass, grabbing a quick bite to break the fast, meeting with servants to instruct them on special duties for the day, meeting with the steward and other officials, overlooking accounts and records, and breaking for the midday meal at noon. If guests were present, she'd spend the rest of the day entertaining them with hunting trips, hawking, singing, or some other planned festivity. Otherwise, she's check on the servants, and make sure the children were attending their lessons. In the absence of her husband, she would also be expected to hear complaints and even rule in legal matters. In the event of an attack, she would lead the castle's defense.

- Everyday Life in the Middle Ages: The British Isles from 500 to 1500 by Sherilyn Kenyon

There was absolutely no point to that. JUST THOUGHT SOMEBODY ELSE MIGHT FIND IT USEFUL, I GUESS.
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