April 26th, 2007

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Note to self: renew your account today, you idiot. ♥

Mm, so. Upload post! All MegaUpload. This one's a little special: whenever I hear this artist or anyone like him, I always think of my mom. She listens mainly to music like this (and Bob Marley, and Vienna Teng, and Nickelback, and some Muse, and and and ...) and she always gets all quiet/content when she listens, and ... I don't know. It's really nice. This is one of my favorite of her CDs, so I thought I might upload it. It's not rock like I normally listen to: it's called 'world' by iTunes. But it's nice. If you're going to download any, go for tracks one, three, and six. Especially three.

o1. "everything

o2. "i want love"

o3. "long is the way"


o5. "continuado

o6. "stand on"

o7. "mama"

o8. "rock you tender"

o9. "shantytown carnival"

1o. "salima"

11. "all i want"

12. "master blaster"

jehro [self-titled]
full album;

if you want to know everything / find the place you belong

children only ten years old / in this tribal colonial nightmare

all clad in silk and gold / i have seen kings and their queens

- - -

aunque dañan tus sueños / sigues continuando, sembrando, continuando

you're dancing while we drink away the fear / dance on

mama tells me don't feel no shame / fly too high and your wings get burnt away

i hold you tight / and keep my fears at bay

- - -

no puedo darte la luna que tu esperas / manana yo partiré sin tus flores

now i know finally / i've never been alone / i just couldn't see

when you're moving in the positive / your destination is the brightest star
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