October 4th, 2007

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god, i feel so incredibly nauseated. It's lamost certain.ly due to stress, but I'm still at the point of looking up ways to induce vomiting just because i want it to stop. I've got a damp cloth, but the laundry detergent we use never fails to make mesick on its own, so. shit.

and because of said nausea, I can't have any comfort food, whch is alwaus what I do when i'm stressed. because I'm a loser and such.

I've never wished I were bulimic more than I am right now. ha. ha ha. it was funny dammit.

soooo i'll just use an icon of a dead little girl with her anteater in a hospital. makes perfect sense.
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Long story short, I'm sick, angsty, long-winded, and have odd cats.
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Okay, we get it, I'm an awful daughter and a disappointment and am going to fail in all I do! I understand! But perhaps you could stop acting like such a fucking martyr and, if you can't speak civilly when I enter the room (or stop that fucking sighing every thirty seconds), leave me alone! Yes? Yes!

Seriously, I was just dropped from one of my favorite classes. One would think she could be a tad, I don't know, supportive? I spent all yesterday crying in my room: I think I understand I fucked up.

EDIT; No, you know what, screw this. I am not going to sit here and feel sick to my stomach again just because of her.
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