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October 18th, 2007

Oct. 18th, 2007

Teenagers. Are. Idiots. Nothing new, of course, but I'm especially infuriated today!

We get it, Rhiannon, you're ~*super Wiccan*~ because you were born on Halloween and do omg super special rituals in the backyard (and let's ignore that your parents don't even let you light candles, let alone the crap she thinks goes into Wicca). You're liberal and hate Bush -- you don't know why you hate Bush, but you hate him! My eleven-year-old brother has a better grasp of politics than you, and I'm not exaggerating. But fine, cool, okay, you're so neat!

I don't care what you are: there are some things you just don't do. Making jokes about religion, fine, okay. Some people will find them in bad taste, but, in the end, it's not that bad. But when your neighbor buys you a Bible (because she's a decent person doing something she thinks is decent!), don't fuck around with it. There are some lines you don't cross, and that's one of them. You don't deface religious books, property, etc., whether you're part of the religion or not.

If you knew anything about Wicca, you idiotic, faerie-winged, calls-on-goddesses-because-it's-so-cool-and-disregards-any-information-about-them ~*witch*~, you'd know it advocates religious tolerance. Rebel against your parents on your own time, and don't use Wicca as an excuse for it, because anyone who takes five seconds to research is going to fucking laugh.