October 20th, 2007

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“Mom doesn't seem to get that when I sent them ___ crying. None of my friends there. Going to to a friends Halloween party is not my idea of fun. I've been here for 1/2 an hr and I'm just sitting in her car outside because I'm sick of it. There's no one there. I know it's all my little brother and his friends, this one girl that goes to my school and her friends, my parents and their friends and their friends and I did not wanna go. I told her I did not wanna go and yet I'm here because you know, she's that amazing mother. Yeah, I feel crappy and I feel I feel doubly so because I hate talking about myself no matter how much the contrary might seem. I hate talking about myself because I feel like I've become that, a whore which is ridiculous because I have the right to talk to about myself just as much as anyone else but yeah. I feel awful but don't ___ I'll call you guys when I get home.”

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