August 20th, 2008

cause innocence looks good on you

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remember that i have one perpetually stickied here! i like talking to people, and i like making people feel better, so feel free to comment with anything that's bothering you, even if it's completely unrelated to me.

anyway, so. i saw the dark knight on IMAX today. aksjfhsdfkjf omfg. omfg. yessssssss. CHRISTIAN BALE, YOU ARE SO ATTRACTIVE WHEN YOU ARE FORTY FEET TALL. and breathing, pretty much.

anywayanyway, i got actual clothing at goodwill yesterday, and both yesterday morning and today i have manned the gay-straight alliance club table at school registration. so, of course, the school is reaffirmed in their belief that i am either a lesbian or dating john (my gayest gay friend). THIS IS WHY I GET NO BOYFRIENDS, GUYS.

i've also been ridiculously slow in reading, possibly because i 1) am not making a point of it, and 2) am in the middle of both red seas and iron council. i really want to give cutter a hug :(
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