August 31st, 2008

move like a tiger into the thicket

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FINISHED MY RIVER APP FOR polychromatic. it's been a long time since i've put a damn lot of effort into an app. it feels kind of nice! though that might just be relief at finishing 8Db

aaaanywhosen, let's see. i have an interview at jamba juice on friday, and i'm pretty much guaranteed the job (they're desperate for people). i'm still going to apply at other places, but it's good to have a sure thing.

oh oh! and i finished red sails on red seas (and promptly lent both it and lies of lock lamora to my aunt). it was very good! it's hard to judge it against the last one, though, because they both have things i love. pirates! thieving! heists! mafia! pirates! i'm a bit wary about the next one, though. i mean, part of the whole bondsmagi thing is their whole 'we are one force united to FUCKING YOUR SHIT UP,' which is apparently going out the window. and sabetha is so going to die next book, man ;;

THAT IS ALL, METHINKS. i'm dreadfully boring today. but. in a very good mood. so.

(also, fond of sentence fragments!)