April 16th, 2009

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So! As I mentioned earlier, my teacher picked me to go give a speech at the San Ramon Rotary Club, which is basically lots of rich yuppies talking about their achievements in a self-congratulating and masturbatory way. It was another Venture kid, two Cal High kids, and me.

... Or at least, it was supposed to be. The Cal High kids didn't show up, so it was just me and The Enemy*. We gave our speeches, did our thing: mine was, in essence, a love song to the Internet, whereas his was about, er, children dying. A bit of a mood whiplash!

Anywho. He won by one point, the bastard.

Honestly? I think my speech was better, writing-wise. However, I understand why he won. His topic was far more related to the Rotary Club's interests (the achievements, not the masturbatory discussion), and it had facts and statistics and concrete information, which I'm not at all sorry to say mine didn't. Also, my microphone apparently cut out halfway through my speech. I didn't notice: I just assumed I was being too quiet and projected louder, and then Mom told me when I sat back down.

So, he gets $100 and goes on to regional, and I get $50 and, well, don't. I don't really mind, though. It was fun! I absolutely adore public speaking, so I was on a high from it all day. The single point fucking kills me, because that means one person, out of maybe thirty or so, rated him one point higher than me at something. But I got $50 and a shiny pretentious pen, so I think I came out all right for a speech I wrote on Easter night and only practice four times.

* He was a cute (though not as in adorable) Asian kid who, I think, breathes pure self-confidence in colder climates. He interested me, though, which is even more important than cuteness or lack of**.
** Though not by much.