May 14th, 2009

we end up right here

i'll be a forest fire about to flood

So I was looking for the lyrics to one of my favorite songs (hi, riddled), and I clicked the wrong link, and. And I MUST HEAR THIS SONG. If only I wasn't too lazy to make an effort :(

I'm too lazy for everything lately, it seems. It's an effort to give anything more than a cursory thought. Considering how I need to get things together for graduation, and do that whole 'thinking about one's future' deal, this ... isn't exactly good. And it's killing me when it comes to writing.

It just feels ... I don't know. Like I've hit some sort of block in everything I do, and I'm stagnating. It's not a bad feeling, in that it doesn't make me feel bad, but the results do. You know? I hope so, because god knows I have no idea what I'm talking about.

I should go figure out what summer classes I'm taking. That doesn't require any effort, at least. "HM, WHAT IS EASY AND HELPS FILL OUT MY REQS?"