June 23rd, 2009

make your mark this time

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Iii think I'm going to drop my summer courses. It's not that they're hard, just that they really conflict with some things I have planned, and, also, I want to relax my last summer before college and 15 units. Of course, that means I have to deal with my parents bitching, and them threatening to withhold my license :D

Juuuust. augh. They've never got it in their heads that I actually really need a license, that I can't have them chauffeur me everywhere (especially since they're not willing to do it), and that, yes, guys, the parents of everyone else I know pays for their driving insurance, and, no, that's not an exaggeration. And since Dad's had the same job for, um, ever, and Mom hadn't done anything that paid less than insane for twenty years before she quit, they don't get that it's impossible to find a job in this economy, let alone a teenager finding one. She keeps saying, "I'm sure if I help you you'll have one within the week," which is insulting, as well as wrong!

blah blah first world problems while iran burns. one day i'll get the fuck over myself!