June 29th, 2009

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  • "Iran Tries To Pacify Protesters With Lord of The Rings Marathon"

    I. I swear to god. My fucking heritage.

  • I haven't made any posts about the riots in Iran, I don't think. I'm probably not going to! While I think this is definitely a step forward, and the prelude to something more, I never thought anything lasting would be changed after this one encounter. The first revolution took a year; single incidents don't do anything on their own. I'm glad Dad's family is all out of there.

  • I have a mysterious dry spot on my arm. Its cause is a mystery, and so I have named it Mystery. I drew a smiley face on it so I won't forget where it is. I don't know why I want to remember where a dry patch is.

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    Arman: Hey, do you want to come over to Grigg's* house and have a margarita?
    Jazzy: ... a what? Do these margaritas have alcohol in them?
    Arman: Yes?**
    Jazzy: ... do Grigg's parents know?
    Arman: No?
    Jazzy: ... are Grigg's parents home?
    Arman: No?
    Jazzy: ... ... ... [oh god i need to be the responsible one but i need to be the cool one but— hey, wait.] Arman? What kind of alcohol is in these margaritas?
    Arman: Virgin Mary?
    Jazzy: [sfkjshddf] All. A-all right. You can have two. That's it.

    And then he called me back two minutes later to tell me they weren't really having margaritas, they were having lemonade, and Grigg's parents were upstairs, and he just wanted to look cool. My baby brother's fucking adorable.

    * Grigg's his best friend and dumb as a log. No, seriously. Sweet kind, but seriously, um.
    ** Arman does the valley girl thing? Where everything's a question? It's really annoying?