July 22nd, 2009

do you want to hate me angel

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Sooo apparently my mom's just decided I'm taking too many classes, and she won't pay for one! Either this means I pay around $120* for the other class, or I rearrange my already-set schedule for a cheaper class. Not necessarily one I need, want, or will enjoy! Just cheaper. Because if I don't take five classes every semester, I won't have enough to transfer, and because my mom's being ... well, her.

In that case, I'm demanding a refund for the four tickets I bought for Comic Con, then was told two weeks after the refund deadline that I wasn't going! I'm demanding money back from the times she didn't want Dad to know she was buying something, so she'd use my money. I'm demanding my money back from every time I've given Arman spending money because they weren't carrying cash. In fact, she should start carrying cash, because I'm not lending it to her if she's not. If she's going to be a bitch, so am I.

It's funny how she's spent ten years bitching at me about how I'm not trying hard enough, how I'm lazy, how my classes are too few or too easy or just not good enough, and now that I'm making an effort ... it's, apparently, also not good enough! It's funny just how often in life I don't manage to be good enough for her.

* Good thing I have $150 in graduation money**.
** None from my parents, of course. From two of my aunts. My parents got me a chair for the backyard that was on sale at the store :D!