October 11th, 2009

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WOW it's been a long time since I've updated. Huh!

So. So! Uh. Life. If I had made this post, say, a week ago, I could say how well I'm doing in classes, how things are pretty great life-wise, blah blah blah. Buuuut I kind of crashed on Wednesday night and now I'm convinced I'm going to fail all my classes and live in a cardboard box somewhere. Objectively speaking, I'm pretty sure this isn't actually true — in fact, I know for a fact I have an A and an A- in two of my classes, but. Iiii don't know. I really wish we had quarter system instead of semester, because it really sucks being thrown straight into normal school from Venture.

I haven't been part of any fandom/RP in at least eight months now, so I'm sure my posts are really goddamn boring. Sorry about that. I don't really have the energy for real life half of the time, let alone sparkly awesome online life. WHY WOULD I DO THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY???

okay okay okay, less depressing stuff. Uh. I've been going to the Berkeley Poetry Slam every week since mid-August or something. It's really great, aaand while I'm not writing any actual prose lately, I am getting out some shitty poetry, at least. So, uh, there's that.

OH. Vienna Teng next weekend. yesssss. I'm saving up to buy tickets to her December San Fran show, too. So. Yeah.