December 1st, 2009

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LIFE. Life life life. I feel like I should update more, so, uh. I am.

Three weeks left of classes, and then I'm done with my first semester of college. It's ... kind of terrifying, honestly. The whole growing up thing is kind of terrifying. Soooo I don't think about it MOVING ON.

School in general is going pretty okay. I've definitely got a high A in Ethics, probably a low A or B+ in Mythology. Math, I know I have a C+, which kind of sucks, but whatever. After this class, I NEVER HAVE TO TAKE MATH AGAIN, and so, really, I'm just trying to get through it with a passing grade. I've figured out my schedule for next semester, which is cuh-raaaayzee — five regular classes and two online (though one of them is only half a term), but I need it to make up for dropping Comparative Religions this semseter.

I had a reasonably good idea for an OC RP today when I was supposed to be studying for math, actually (HAHAHAhaha studying), but then I remembered that it's not 2006 and they've gone extinct. Like Tasmanian tigers, a rare sighting is reported now and again, but it's never proven or substantial.* It sucks, because I really, really miss non-panfandom RPing. le sigh.

My, uh, New October's resolution was to start being a bit more emotionally honest, so I guess I'm allowed to admit I've actually been feeling pretty damn shitty lately. I haven't had a proper bipolar depression since around ... March, I believe, so I was kind of overdue for it, anyway. I just wish it didn't come right around finals, because all I want to do is stay in bed and stare at an unplugged TV or something. I'm not in a particularly good place right now. But Mom's finally going to get me to see a psychologist/psychiatrist WONDERTWIN POWERS ACTIVATE again, which is ... really, really belated. I stopped seeing my old ones about two and a half years ago, because they were both utterly incompetent, but I'm actually going to check out more than just the first ones I have appointments with this time. I've got a basket full of new issues to deal with, anyway**. And hopefully I'll get put on proper medication!

... Hope springs eternal, anyway.

EDIT: Oh dear god, guys, PSA: do not read posts from when you were fifteen when you're already feeling bad or you'll want to invent a time machine just so you can punch yourself in the face. I'll just. I'll organize tags later, I guess. ;;

* That was a ridiculous metaphor and I apologize.
** Get it? Get it? 'Basket'? Basketcase?*** HA HA HA HA.
*** That was a ridiculous joke and I apologize.