December 27th, 2009

beside the acacias freshly in bloom

take her in your arms like cyanide

lapras.sushi: Jasmine....what if they KNOW we are in the house?
aubrecia: carolers are fearsome once they catch sight of their prey, but they are notoriously unintelligent and easy to fool
lapras.sushi: So we should get the bats ready?
Of the baseball persuasion
aubrecia: it's all good, i've got the vats of boiling oil waiting above the door
lapras.sushi: They'll never know what hit them XD
Especially when in their blindness I hit them with a baseball bat

The holidays bring families together.

So I got grades back!
  • Introduction to Ethics
  • - A. I REALLY WANT TO BRAG ABOUT HOW I DID IN THIS CLASS. 93% on the midterm, >90% on the final, full marks on every assignment I turned in (and I only missed one, I think, which is a huge thing for me), and full marks on the paper that was, essentially, a third of my grade. School has only made me feel stressed and just generally bad about myself since I started public school, and this (and the speech competition last year) are the only things that have really made me feel proud of myself. Which is sad, but whatever.
  • World Mythology
  • - B. I expected a bit better, but I think I just got a high B — my school doesn't do the whole plus/minus thing. I skipped about a fourth of the classes and did approximately 0% of the reading, so it isn't too shocking.
  • Math for Liberal Arts
  • - B. WHAT THE HELL. I was totally convinced I was going to scrape by with a very very very low C, and was praying I did well enough in the final to pass. But I got a B! And now I never have to take another math class again, ever. Ever. Ever.

This means my GPA is 3.33, which is the best it's ever been definitely on track. I'm still set on UC Berkeley, but now I've got a second choice, UC Santa Cruz. Which is good, considering my previous backup plan was UC Jump Off a Bridge.

I've signed up for next semester's classes, which are: Introduction to Politics, Comparative Religions (retaking with a better teacher), Freshman English, and American Ethnic Cultures in Film. I'm also taking Human Sexuality and Introduction to Psychology online. Y-yeah, a lot compared to this one. But I proved to my parents I'm doing fine in college, and I do best when I'm kept very busy.

Oh, also! I've signed up for Chamber Singers. My old choir teacher kind of bummed me out regarding choir for a while, but I've started really missing it. I've got to pick a song to audition with — I'm thinking 'Eric's Song' or Glee's version of 'Maybe This Time.' WE'LL SEE.

My carefully-planned schedule means I have Wednesday nights free for slam still, and I'll be skipping a few Tuesday classes to go down to the Santa Cruz slam more. It's ... weird, to almost feel like I fit in somewhere? I've never felt like that anywhere, but the poetry community's starting to feel like that. It's really nice.

LONG POST IS LONG and doesn't even address Christmas. The holidays are generally very depressing for me, though, and this year's not really any different, and everything else about this post is all optimistic and cheerful. So fuck that ♥