February 5th, 2010

the diary of jane

the clock's heart, it hangs inside its open chest

  • Tuesday was Santa Cruz slam, Wednesday was Berkeley slam, and then on Saturday I go back down to Santa Cruz until Monday for the KPP festival. Plus classes. I'm in a state of perpetual exhaustion ... but also, apparently, complete contentment. I feel like I'm finding my place ♥

  • CLASSES. What the hell. Collapse )

  • So on Saturday I saw my new psychiatrist for the first time. It was pretty uneventful — I got a prescription for Lamictal, a promise to discuss anxiety/antidepressants next appointment after I've adjusted to the Lamictal, and a list of recommended psychologists (which is really the necessary component here). He's pretty boring, honestly, but he listened to what I was saying, and that's more than I can say for the last one. He has a dog named April at the office with him, and she's a total sweetheart. ♥

  • Just. I don't know. Things are really, really good right now! And I'm kind of expecting something catastrophic to happen at any moment, but for right now I'm very tired, and very happy. Things are good.