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... I like it! Moreso than VIII or X, I think -- god knows more than X (die in a fire, yuna). Favorite characters are Fran (it may just be her voice but skhdfkshf), Balthier (YES.), and, probably the most of them all ... Larsa!!1 Vaan is cute, if annoying at times, I want to strangle Penelo, I want to kick Basch in the shins (but oh how I adore him), and Ashe just. annoys me. I have this thing against passive, serious, and/or duty-driven characters, go figure.

and I'm too tired to write more. ♥!! SO ONTO THE LEECHING.

Mainly for riddled, but free for everyone else to download!

112mb of Wintersleep, an alternative indie Canadian band that has bought my soul. Recommended songs are "Orca," "Assembly Lines," and "The One I Love."

I'll get to the requests on that last post by tonight ♥~
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