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Another boring personal life one! Just go ahead and skip if you'd like.

I'm getting switched off Lexapro and onto Welbutrin, which is ... not something to look forward to. I've tried Welbutrin, and it actually worsened the depression, which, at the time, was really not something I could handle. About two weeks ago, though, I dipped even worse for a whole week -- which is the main reason I stayed home, not the poison oak. I was sleeping fifteen to sixteen hours, not talking to anyone, alternately far, far overeating or forgetting to eat at all, and going into random fits of tears. And then, of course, being told I was dropped from English hardly helped.

Quite understandably nervous, but whatever! Trust in the doctor for now, then bail out if it gets too hard. Yes? Yes.

In other news, I still haven't decided on my NaNo, and I'm kind of running out of t

-- wait

I still haven't dec

oh fuck

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