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The Basics
Name: Aurielle
Nickname: Jasmine (my middle name: it's what I go by, really), Jaz, Jazzy, Quacky (....... don't ask)
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Likes: Books, animals, boys public speaking, storms.
Dislikes: Loud people, rap music, loud noises.
Hobbies: Writing, reading, horseback riding, singing, the internetz.
Talents: I'm a decent dancer, and I've been told I write rather well. I'm also an excellent liar.
Ambitions/Goals: I want to be either a psychologist or an English teacher, and, more importantly, own my own secondhand bookshop.
Strong points: I'm incredibly self-aware for a teenager, and extremely intuitive. I'm a rather good conversationalist: I make people feel good about themselves. I can convince anyone to do anything. I'm extremely level-headed when others are panicking, and I very easily emotionally detach myself from situations.
Weak points: I'm very passive-aggressive: I don't say anything when someone/thing bothers me, but I resent them for months afterwards. I'm also a complete elitist -- I consider very few people to be 'good enough' to be my friend, and frequently discard them once I've grown bored. There are only a select very few people to whom I am actually loyal (even though I might say otherwse), and I'll stab the rest in the back in a heartbeat. I'm extremely insecure.
Your personality in 3 words: Adaptable, inconsistent, insecure.

Mature/immature: Mature. I act extremely immature, but I'm not, actually.
Outgoing/shy: I'm an extroverted introvert :')! I like talking to people, and I socialize well in school and such, but I have very, very few people I consider actual friends.
Graceful/clumsy: Hmmmm. I'm fairly graceful most of the time, but I have moments of extreme klutziness that defy all laws of physics. IT'S THE WAY I ROLL, BABY.
Optimistic/pessimistic: Pessimistic, completely. I'm convinced that the worst thing will always happen, and then, when I do manage optimism, I'm convinced something will happen to prove me wrong.
Leader/follower: It depends on the group of people I'm with. If I respect them, which is rarely, I'm content to be a follower, but I'm most often the leader.

Color: Amber
Animal: Cats
Food: Mushroom pizza
Scents/smells: Either jasmine flowers (shut up >_>), lavender, or bergamont.
Fairy tale: The Wild Swans.
Princess Tutu character, explain: Probably Mytho. He's the prince of the story, and yet without Princess Tutu, he has no power to regain his heart. I identify with the powerlessness of the situation quite a bit.

Least Favorite
Color: Greenish-yellow.
Animal: Monkeys.
Food: Hot dogs.
Scents/smells: Sweat, uncleaned litter boxes.
Fairy tale: The legends of the selkies, where they're forced by their husbands to remain human with their sealskins packed away.
Princess Tutu character, explain: This was very, very hard. I'd have to say Princess Tutu, herself, though. She doesn't fight her fate at all -- she doesn't look for some other way to avoid disappearing, she's too selfless. I'm a very selfish person, and that makes me uncomforable.

Have you ever taken ballet lessons? How did you find the experience? I haven't, but I desperately wish I did. Ballet is gorgeous.

If you find out that the only way to save the one you love is to disappear into a flash of light, what would you do? I would do it in a heartbeat, but not for the reason most people would -- I don't place any particular importance on my own life, and would probably do it for anyone I don't actively dislike.

If your life were a fairy tale, which would it be (and why?) Probably Blackbeard, with myself playing the title role. It feels like I'm constantly hiding things from the people who care about me, and tricking them into thinking I'm a far better person than I truly am.

Picture (optional -- feel free to just describe yourself if you don't have/don't want to post pictures): Short (5'2", sigh), and fairly tan, with black hair and brown eyes.

Links to 3 apps you voted on (edit your post as you go on): First app // second // third
Anything else? :3 I just lost the game :(
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