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you should obviously know that i'll destroy everything

Iiiit's never a good sign when I can't take this song off repeat. Anyway.

Dad's still giving my mom the silent treatment because blahblahblahmoney, and, also, he's rather a prick. I say this completely objectively. I just wish he could, you know, stop acting like a high school girl and talk to her: she's been nearly as bad as I have for the last week or so and this is only making it ten times worse. I love him, but the man is insanely self-centered.

aaand. hm. I bought my mom Good Omens and The Color of Magic for Christmas; if I can scrounge up enough money, I want to get her one of earlier PostSecret books.

I ... honestly have nothing to say. Fucking possible new psychiatrist won't call back, so Mom's checking with insurance to find another, as well as a sleep specialist. lololol jazzy's so screwed up.
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