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SO I SLEPT UNTIL 9 PM. At least the headache and revulsion towards cold water gave me an excuse, but, still, 9 PM is a stretch even for me. After two ~*Advanced Pain Relief Tablets*~ (read: some crappy acetaminophen, aspirin, and a dash of caffeine) my head feels fine; however, the TMJD is slaughtering my jaw, to the point where I can't chew untoasted sliced bread.

... and yet I feel pretty good right now!

I'm going to be up all night, but no one else is, so there's no need to open my mouth and aggravate my jaw; I feel the MUSE HAS COME UPON ME, so I can write; my cat is being slightly less neurotic than usual.

ALSO, JUN: I DREAMT ABOUT SNOW GEESE :')!!!! I was at this weird indoor/outdoor zoo/aquarium type thing and they had BABY SNOW GEESE and I had to keep them from getting out of their pen or else they'd die. so it was a rather stressful event.

And then ('then' being a good time after this) I was on this ... it was a forest area, but there was an incredibly steep slope, and it went straight down to a creek. The area on the slope and around the creek was all dirt and rocks and small shrubbery, which means perfect snake territory, and I went down and there were snakes practically everywhere. I love snakes, so there was no problem with this :'). I was collecting snake skin because I think it's the neatest thing ever, except I was remembering how it's bad luck to touch in in Huck Finn so I was picking it up with sticks and stuff. I found a really pretty red one, but the creek washed it away.

(Note: my dreams almost always make perfect narrative sense, use real-life facts, and often have a strict point-of-view and scene breaks)

ANYWAY so my family was there -- there was this house on the top of the slope, a bit farther back than where it went down, and my dad was sleeping on a lawn chair from it (even though it wasn't our house, oh dad). My mom and brother came down after me, and didn't seem to realize there were lots of snakes until I pointed them out, and then they were all LOL THEY WON'T BITE US!!, which provided, again, stress. I kept lifting up rocks to see if I could find more, and my brother commented that there were maggots (my one fear apart from needles) under a few of them, even though I couldn't see them. So eventually I found a coral snake (and repeated the 'red and yellow' rhyme, man :') ), and I had to keep them away by telling them it's the most venomous snake in the US (which I believe is actually true). .... in fact, all the snakes I saw were native to the US, except for whatever left the red skin.

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