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blame me for the rocks and baby bones.

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Note to self: if you're not going to take your medication, dear, it's your own fault when you feel like shit. Suck it up.

ANYWAY, this weekend as been the most boring thing ever, la dee da. I finally got in to a TMJD specialist about my jaw (which can't open more than an inch and a half now, joy), where we learned it's ... not TMJD! It's not that I grind my teeth, it's that I tense my jaw muscles enough so that I might as well be grinding. Blahblahblah internalizing stress, Mom's finally going to get me to a competent psychologist, and I'm supposed to do some sort of cardio for the endorphins. Also, I have to stretch the muscles by sticking tongue depressors in my mouth and gradually adding more. It makes me drool and look very attractive.


On the bright side, my mom bought me some calla lilies a few days ago, and my room smells very nice!
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