blame me for the rocks and baby bones. (warwolves) wrote,
blame me for the rocks and baby bones.

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good news: previous crisis is solved. mom admitted i was right (YES. YES. TAKE FUCKING THAT, WORLD).

bad news: i was watching disc one of house season four with dad and ... dshfsjdahf. this episode made me choke up, but this one made me sob. because, honestly, even though i can sort of hate my mother at times, and as stupid as it is to say, she is probably the person i'm closest to in our little ol'world. and mother->daughter stuff doesn't faze me much, but daughter->mother stuff breaks me in two.

I AM SLOWLY BEING CHICKIFIED. before last year i never cried at fictional mediums. ever. now i'm a pussy ;;
Tags: family, house
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