blame me for the rocks and baby bones. (warwolves) wrote,
blame me for the rocks and baby bones.

john came over and woke me up again, sigh. this was made rather awkward by the facts that 1) yesterday was one of the nights i didn't bother putting a shirt on before going to bed (like last time, actually), and 2) his brother was with him. i heard him coming before he got to my room, though, so i managed to lock the door :|b

while i was getting dressed, i heard the following conversation:

george (john's younger brother by two years, and as such is one year younger than me): what's she doing?
john (my darling fairy friend. gayest of the gay, except for the unfortunate crush on me that i think ended a while ago): she's putting on a bra, probably!
george: um. what?
john: that's what she was doing last time, i don't know! i don't know why, anyway, it's just us.
george: ... she is so wasted on you, john.

TO BE FAIR, THOUGH, everything is wasted on john. this is why we can't have nice things. fucking furfag :|

in less naked news, FIRST PAYCHECK. $155, AAAAAAALL RIGHT.
Tags: friends, job, real life
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