blame me for the rocks and baby bones. (warwolves) wrote,
blame me for the rocks and baby bones.

jesus christ, i feel sick.

My uncle's wife just left him. Bad, but tolerable, because, hey, that kind of things happen. But:

1) She called him while he was on the road to tell him. He's on the road because she pressured him into becoming a trucker.

2) She handled the finances. All his money is gone.

3) She sold his fucking horses and dogs. He had around three horses and four dogs -- all that's left is the oldest dog, because she couldn't get money for her. He's not in contact with his kids, and those were his fucking babies.

4) He's talked to both her dad and uncle, and both said they were surprised he survived so long. She married him because, at the time, he was in bad health, out of contact with the rest of his family (us), and rich. Her uncle implied she might have 'encouraged' his death if he didn't get back in touch with us.

God, I just want to strangle her. I don't think I have ever really hated someone as much as I do her. Oh, and my grandmother ... who indirectly (or semi-directly, really) caused my grandfather's death! Out of seven kids, two are in happy marriages, and my parents' is really only that on the surface.

christ. i don't even know.
Tags: family, real life
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