blame me for the rocks and baby bones. (warwolves) wrote,
blame me for the rocks and baby bones.

you'll see i will destroy everything of beauty

all right, definitely in a depressed phase, considering i slept ... sixteen hours yesterday. and the last thing I want to do is take my meds, which means i really really need them.

but! i dunno. i feel sort of okayish, despite that. it'll hit me later, i imagine, but until then ... okayish!

introspection is not a good idea right now, though. ohhhh god no.

i should probably hang out with people in real life, but ... too much effort. chrissy's in india, mara's in berkeley (SO ... FAR ... AWAY ...), and john's ... within close enough distance that if i call him to take me out to dinner, he will. maybe i will. i think i miss him.

I THINK I SHALL READ imaginarybeasts (pimp pimp pimp, i have good writers on my flist and they should check this out) AND GET ~INSPIRED~

edit: ... and now i'm writing a demeter+persephone fic for the mythology theme. sigh.
Tags: depression, nothing of value, real life, writing
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