blame me for the rocks and baby bones. (warwolves) wrote,
blame me for the rocks and baby bones.

Eleven Songs I'm Really Into (and Four for the Hell of It)

1. Without Mythologies - The Weakerthans
(i press my shoulder to this wall between us / i know you are behind me but i press my shoulder to this wall / determined not to turn around)

2. Astronaut (A Short History of Nearly Nothing) - Amanda Palmer
(everybody’s sick for something that they can find fascinating / everyone but you and even you aren’t feeling well)

3. The Scientist - Coldplay
(come back and haunt me / i want to rush to the start)

4. Rum Brave - Murder By Death
(when we meet, you will see / i will destroy everything of beauty)

5. The Gift of Paralysis - Envy on the Coast
(his neck is shattered by the tides / the ocean prays for his demise)

6. Imitosis - Andrew Bird
(it was then he heard his intuition say / we were all basically alone)

7. We Both Go Down Together - Colin Meloy
(and while the seagulls are crying / we fall but our souls are flying)

8. Propane Nightmares - Pendulum
(in a trail of fire i'll burn before you bury me / set your sights for the sun)

9. Explosive - Bond

10. Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors - Editors
(we've all been changed from what we were / our broken parts left smashed off the floor)

11. Floods - Fightstar
(blood will bleed the blind / when the only thing diseased their lives)

BONUS: Runs in the Family - Amanda Palmer
(i can run using every last ounce of energy / i cannot, i cannot, i cannot, run from my family)

BONUS: The Scientist - Aimee Mann

BONUS: "... Because All Suffering is Sweet to Me" [acoustic] - Envy on the Coast
(she stutters steps through dreams / and to relatives it seems that history just hasn't happened yet)

BONUS: Barbara Allen - Colin Meloy
(and he cried when she left his side / "hard-hearted barbrie allen!")
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