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I went to the Vienna Teng concert last night.

It. Was. Amazing. kjsdfsdf. dsajkdsfsd. sdfsdfsd. The Paper Raincoat (Alex Wong's band) played before her, and they were very very good, as well -- I'm actually debating buying their EP, or just waiting for the full album to come out.

But Vienna. sdfjdaf. She played ... let's see. In rough approximation of order:

Whatever You Want
Blue Caravan <- dsfsdjhf one of my absolute favorites and this is my favorite of all the ways she's played it sdjhfasdfsdfas
Hope on Fire
I Don't Feel So Well
Now Three
City Hall <- SDHFSDFSDF. she dedicated it to the anti-prop 8 movement, had everyone sing the last chorus, and got a standing ovation.

Plus a handful of new songs, all of which I really, really, really liked. The new album's going to be really great, seriously. My favorite was Antebellum, but In Another Life came really close. One of them, holy shit, she got well into first soprano range. Definitely the highest of any of her songs so far, and she pulled it off. OH AND I FORGOT I loved Grandmother's Song, as well, but I'm not sure if it's going to be on the album.

AND SHE'S COMING BACK IN APRIL sdfhsdf I'm going to that, too. dsfsjfhsdfsd.

... Oh, and did I mention the new album comes out in April?
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