blame me for the rocks and baby bones. (warwolves) wrote,
blame me for the rocks and baby bones.

but you see it's more productive than if i were to be happy.

One day I'll remember to put song lyrics in the title of every post! And then the world will collapse. Le sigh.

Anyway, I appear to have ... possibly dented my arm falling down the stairs last week. It still hurts to apply enough pressure to confirm, but it's either that or I've got two swollen lumps on it, with the bruise only covering half of one. Which is perfectly plausible, obviously.

I've been on such a Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer kick lately, it's ridiculous. I ought to make icons, but the ... the apathy ... it's too strong ... cannot. find. a damn. to give.

i cherish the revolting thought~ that even if i quit there's not a chance in hell i'll stop~
Tags: *, pointless
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