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blame me for the rocks and baby bones.

favorite tropes.

Another reference post of no use to anyone but myself! Move along, move along.

Action Girl
Alternate Character Interpretation
Broken Bird
Broken Pedestal
Chaotic Evil
Chaotic Good
Chaotic Neutral
Cheryl Blossom
The Chessmaster
The Combat Pragmatist
Dark Chick
Dark Messiah
Deadpan Snarker
Extreme Doormat
Honorary Uncle
Implacable Man
Knight Templar Big Brother
Lady of War
Little Miss Badass
Lovable Rogue
Lovable Traitor
Love Martyr
MacGuffin Girl
The Mad Hatter
Mad Oracle
Magnificent Bastard
Mama Bear
Manipulative Bastard
Mysterious Waif
Neutral Evil
Nightmare Fetishist
Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant
One Man Army
The Ophelia
Person of Mass Destruction
Physical God
Psycho Sidekick
Sad Clown
Sarcastic Devotee
Slytherin House
The Spock
The Starscream
Stepford Smiler [jazzy loves stepford smilers.]
Strange Girl
Tragic Monster
Unreliable Narrator
Vitriolic Best Buds
The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask

Abusive Parents
Big Screwed-Up Family
Broken Smile
Chronic Backstabbing Disorder
Dead Little Sister
Defrosting Ice Queen
Don't You Dare Pity Me
Go Out With a Smile
Graceful Loser
Grey and Gray Morality
Heroic BSOD
Let's Get Dangerous
Obfuscating Stupidity
Promotion to Parent
Real Women Never Wear Dresses
Royally Screwed Up
Super-Powered Evil Side
That Man is Dead
Unstobbable Rage
Villainous Breakdown

Cosmic Horror
Eviler Than Thou
Have You Seen My God
Jigsaw Plot
The Magic Comes Back

Plot Points
Bluff the Imposter
Deadly Decadent Court
Roaring Rampage of Revenge
With Great Power Comes Great Insanity
Xanatos Funeral
Xanatos Gambit

Battle Couple
Bi the Way
Brother Sister Incest
Destructo Nookie
Everyone is Bi
Foe Yay
Heterosexual Life Partners
Ho Yay [AHAHA COME ON NOW, GUYS. this is ME writing this list.]
If It's You, It's Okay
In Love With Your Carnage
Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places
The Masochism Tango
Mind Game Ship [especially when it's not foe yay.]
Really Gets Around
Second Love

Artifact of Doom
Blood Magic</s>
The Dark Side Will Make You Forget
Equivalent Exchange
Fertile Feet
Hyper Awareness
Magic A is Magic A
Mundane Utility
Post-Modern Magik

City of Adventure
Derelict Graveyard
Haunted Headquarters
Mobile Maze
Place of Power
Wretched Hive

And Zoidberg

Crossover Cosmology
Eldritch Abomination
Fantasy Kitchen Sink
Mundane Fantastic
Not Quite The Right Thing
Rummage Sale Reject
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