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1. My cell phone went through the wash, and ... still works! The only side effect is that it apparently can't dial the number 7, which is a problem considering my cell's PIN number is 7477, and the balance expires on the 16th. eheheheh. So I need to get a new phone by then, it seems, or lose my number. And I do adore my number.

2. On top of everything else this month, now I need to write a speech by next Tuesday! I mean, on one hand, my teacher picked me and one other person out of all the students, and that's very very flattering. Also, I'm only going against three other people, and they award prizes for first through third, so, uh, I'm not too worried. On the other ... I have so much to do ;;

3. I'm going to punch my brother in his adorable little face, for srs. The camp I'm counseloring at called last night! (and btw what organization calls at 8:15 PM :|). Somehow it seemed a BRILLIANT IDEA to him to try and give me the phone while I was taking a nap, and, also, not put it on mute, so they heard about thirty seconds of him arguing with me, my incoherent responses, and finally me hanging up on them. And then Arman started yelling at me, which makes even more sense, obviously. I'm going to call later today and positively grovel, because they're deciding whether I can come for the second session or not, and, by the way, the second session gives me five school credits, which I desperately need to graduate, and if I don't get in then I really am going to punch him.

4. Jeanne d'Arc is very fun, but I'm so sick of grinding oh god help me. I'm going to stick Mana Khemia on the PSP and take a break, because if I start FFIX or P2 I know I'll get way too sucked in and possibly never sleep again.

5. I seriously want to punch Arman. :D
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