blame me for the rocks and baby bones. (warwolves) wrote,
blame me for the rocks and baby bones.

busy may is VERY BUSY

Things I Should Not Forget
[x] Venture scholarship shit
[] get preferred name changed in DVC forms
[] get financial aid recommendation from Ron and Marsha
[] financial aid essay
[] finish FAFSA form
[] sign up for fall classes
[] when I get my license, go bring to DVC to get photo ID
[] finish sorting music for hard drive transfer (F/Z)

May Schedule
11th, Monday - jobhunt; Sera getting spayed
15th, Friday - Venture scholarship paper due
16th, Sunday - Counseling 105 [9 AM - 3:50 PM; room W219 at SRC
21st, Thursday - Disneyland trip [12 noon; CHS parking lot; return 1 PM 22nd]
27th, Wednesday - meet with Ron [8:30 AM], jobhunt
28th, Thursday - driving test [1:50 PM; DMV; have car cleaned and checked out]

June Schedule
2nd, Tuesday - leaving for camp [9 AM; venture parking lot]
5th, Friday - coming back from camp [1 PM; venture]
16th, Tuesday - graduating
22nd, Monday - DVC classes start
27th, Saturday - cousin's baby shower [1 PM]
30th, Tuesday - Serenity screening

July Schedule
22nd, Wednesday - drive to LA
23rd, Thursday - Comic-Con starts
26th, Sunday - Comic-Con ends
27th, Monday - drive back down

finish By Graduation [june 16th; five weeks from today]:
[] economics tests (?/?)
[] cooking test (?/?)
[] american government tests (?/?)
[] Choices book
[] cooking book
[x] Economics
[x] Consumer Math
[x] American Government
[] piano sheet (1/2)
[] recipes (0/10)
[] writing (3/10)

PYCH-122 Psychology in Modern Life [3 units]
9268 MW 5:30-9:45PM SRC-W218 6/22-7/29

POLYSC-121 Introduction to United States Government [3 units]
9365 TTH 5:30-9:45PM SRC-W221 6/23-7/30
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