blame me for the rocks and baby bones. (warwolves) wrote,
blame me for the rocks and baby bones.

MATH-124 Math for Liberal Arts - [3 Units]
8241 M 4:00-6:50pm MA-107 Faulkner, D 8/17 - 12/20

ENGL-122 Freshman English: Composition and Reading - [3 units]
9089 MW 11:00-12:15pm SRC-E227 Roe, D 8/17 - 12/20
9095 T 7:00-9:50pm SRC-W219 Roe, D 8/17 - 12/20

PHILO-220 Comparative Religion - [3 Units]
8348 T 4:00-6:50pm H-105 Staff 8/17 - 12/20

PHILO-122 Introduction to Ethics - [3 Units]
8217 TH 4:00-6:50pm H-108 Pavesich, V 8/17 - 12/20

ENGL-170 World Mythology - [3 units]
4115 TTH 2:00-3:15pm H-106 Kruse, E 8/17 - 12/20


Monday 11:00-12:15 - Freshman English (SRC)
tralalalalalal [three hours, fifteen minutes]
tralalalalalal 4:00-6:50 - Math for Liberal Arts
Tuesday 2:00-3:15 - World Mythology
tra la la la l [forty-five minutes]
tra la la la l 4:00-6:50 - Comparative Religion
Wednesday 11:00-12:15 - Freshman English (SRC)
Thursday 2:00-3:15 - World Mythology
TRALALAL [forty-five minutes]
TRALALAL 4:00-6:50 - Introduction to Ethics
Friday FREE. to work. sigh.

Fifteen units. Yeah, yeah, I know, I suck. I'll work up to more.

Also, ha. I've a Pleasant Hill class every day, which is a fifteen-to-twenty minute or so car ride, and nearly an hour on bus. See Mom try to keep me from the car now.
Tags: college, schedules, school
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