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Graduation was tonight. It was ... graduation! The mic cut out and then blasted back on, and the chairs were wrongly numbered, so you know it was a Venture graduation. I got my

... shit, where did I put my diploma?

... ... ... well, um. I got it. I guess that's what matters. I'll post pictures later, unless i look really bad, in which case I most certainly won't. I also asked someone out for the first time! The result was exactly what you'd expect, but I was so proud of myself for manning up and doing it that I didn't really care what he responded with. I think I wouldn't have known what to do if he said yes.

I just feel sort of ... eeeeehhhhhh, and I don't know why. It only started in the last ten minutes, so maybe it'll pass? I don't know. I'll write or something. 'Something' meaning crochet a dodo bird. I have useful hobbies.
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