blame me for the rocks and baby bones. (warwolves) wrote,
blame me for the rocks and baby bones.

my thread

I feel like I've done something like this recently ...

I admit, I actually do feel pretty good right now. I went out to walk to the park ... and there was a beagle running around off-leash. So after a half hour chase, I finally caught him, rigged up a leash with my headphones, brought him home, google mapped his house ... and had someone recognize him right before I drove him home*. He offered me $20 for it, but at this point it's pretty much my hobby running around returning loose dogs to their houses, and it'd kind of make me feel like a ... a dog-rescuing whore, so I said no**.

Anyway, then I went to the park and climbed the cherry/plum/whatever trees to pick what little's left and looked like a crazy person. And then I flopped on the grass with my iPod and continued to look like a crazy person! This is how I know I'm doing a good job.

oh oh oh also, I dyed my hair again for the first time in ... a very long time. The bleach didn't work very well, so it's not half as much as I'd've liked, but I'll still post pictures if I can take any that don't make children cry.

OH OH OH. I set it up so I can remotely access my desktop from my laptop! I now no longer have to jump up to switch songs. I am delighted by how low my lust for laziness can go.

* DID I MENTION I GOT MY LICENSE. I got my license :D
** And immediately regretted it. Fuck you, integrity.

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