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So. I saw Harry Potter!

I took Arman and his friend to dinner first, and man, I feel old around them. His friend was bragging about how he could text two fourteen-year-old girls whenever he wanted. Not just one, ladies and gentlemen. Two. He then was very excitedly discussing his favorite bands with me, which were Fall Out Boy ("I got, like, five albums for free from my friend!") and My Chemical Romance. He claims to read Twilight "for the girls." It was just a very surreal experience.

Anyway, we got in line directly after dinner, which meant we were ~second~. Chrissy and Hali met us in line, blah blah blah old people no one cares. Anyway, first people into the theatre. Hell. Yes. Arman and his friend, uh, didn't want to be seen with us, so they went and got pretty crappy seats. Meanwhile, we got dead-center right in front of that metal bar thing you can put your feet up on. And then waited. For an hour and a half.

The movie was ... not awful? I mean, I liked it more than the fifth movie, but how much of a low bar is that. Cinematography-wise, it was super pretty. I liked it well enough until around ... probably when they're coming back from the cave. The whole Death Eater part after that was just supremely disappointing. I love Alan Rickman, but he tends to play Snape way too emotionless — like, in the book, I loved how he was calm up until Harry called him a coward, and then he snapped. And Draco didn't mention the whole "oh btw he'll kill my parents, too." If they had done it like the book, the pacing would have transferred over pretty well, and it would have shown how horrible the Death Eaters actually are.

I loved loved loved Draco, though. A+ ACTING JOB. I kept fucking cracking up at how THIS MOVIE COULD NOT GO TEN MINUTES WITHOUT HIM. SERIOUSLY. They'd be walking down the corridor ... and slowly the camera pans over to him sitting behind a pillar. WHY IS HE SITTING DOWN A PILLAR? I DON'T EVEN KNOW! Eventually Hali and I just kept going into gigglefits every time he showed up. This may have been helped by Hali making horrible horrible insinuations and innuendo about everything.

Whaaaat else. I loved Ron, obviously. I loved the twins, obviously. I think Emma Watson did a really great job with the body language and everything, but I wish she'd put more of a know-it-all tone in her voice like she did in the first movie. I hated Remus with a passion, but I gave up on liking him or Sirius in these movies, which breaks my heart considering they're my favorite characters, man. Horace Slughorn did not look enough like a walrus. Have you noticed no one's allowed to be fat but the Dursleys? Umbridge was supposed to look like a toad, and yet she's all trim and sort of evil-pretty. I looooooathed the choice of actress for Narcissa. SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE TRAGIC AND BEAUTIFUL, NOT ... CRUELLA DE VILLE.

The highlight of the movie for me (besides Draco) was Harry, which was insanely surprising. Dan Radcliffe's really come a long way. He was just adorable and endearing and stupid, but not enough to make me hate him, and I love how totally amused he seemed to be by the whole Ron/Lavender thing (MUCH LIKE ME). I keep doing his little spider 'click click' gesture thing.

Stiiill don't like Ginny, but I think I like her more in the movies than in the book. The romance sort of worked, I guess. He didn't really seem too interested until Hermione was like, "I'M YOUR BEST FRIEND, I SEE HOW YOU LOOK AT HER :|," and did I mention how much I loved the Harry/Hermione bff-itude? I've always loved how the trio's actors interact.

Oh! I utterly loathe Gambon as Dumbledore. I really hate to say that, as I adore him as a person, but he's just ... really, really not Dumbledore. At all. He doesn't have the whole 'is he brilliant or is he just crazy senile!' air that just sort of made Dumbledore, and none of the whimsicalness, just anger and seriousness and tiny bits of good humor that seem out of character for this ANGRY SERIOUS MAN.

Also, for the record, I'm sure they could have squeezed another subplot in if they didn't ... have people ... speaking ... so ... slowly ... with ... so many ... pauses.

Anyway! I still like the fourth movie best out of the six, then the third (which is surprising, as I hated it at first), and then this one, I guess. But that's not really saying much, since I really didn't like the other three.

And then it was 2:45 in the morning, and Hali and I ... went over to Safeway and shopped for groceries. And then we came home and watched Arrested Development.





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