blame me for the rocks and baby bones. (warwolves) wrote,
blame me for the rocks and baby bones.

Okay, so. Final diagnosis is a broken rib and a punctured lung. Not good, obviously, but ... she was so, so fucking lucky. There's an infinite amount of things that could have happened, the vast majority of them fatal. If one of the punctures on her side had ripped, she would have likely been disemboweled. There are more on her head, but none of them hit her eyes or throat.

The problem right now is that she's still not eating — as soon as she starts again, she can come home. And we really, really need her to come home: apparently the bank jacked up the mortgage an extra thousand, anyway, and this has racked up ... a lot. Way more than we can afford. She's been at three different veterinary hospitals, and only one's willing to work out a payment plan — the worst of the three, of course, but we have to transfer her back tomorrow. And my brakes went out the day before all this happened, and it turned out I had a cylinder leak, and that cost $600 on its own.

The main problem right now, besides finances, is getting the cats in at night. Now that we know coyotes apparently can and will come this far down, we need to keep them all in before dark, obviously. The only person besides me who's even slightly competent at it is Mom, and I'm at class from 1 to 7 PM, soooo I pretty much have to rely on her for this. And we all know how well relying on either of my parents tends to go. Arman's already fucked up twice and let one or more cats get out, and when it happens, Dad just keeps watching TV and doesn't even bother getting up. I ... don't know what to do, honestly. I really don't.

I've been feeling nauseated a lot this week, but I'm not entirely sure whether it's actual sickness or stress. Probably the latter, honestly. I didn't go to class on the Tuesday it happened ... which was, of course, the day I had Comparative Religions, with the one teacher that caps absences at two before he drops you. And of course I've already had two. I emailed him and offered to show documentation from the vet, and if he does try, I'll pitch a fit and contact administration: college rule is that they can't even think about any sort of disciplinary measures until four absences.

This is all tl;dr, and I'm really sorry. I know no one actually cares! I just really need somewhere to vent so I don't obsess, and I don't have anyone in real life who wants to hear it. I can't even talk to Mom — she's way more stressed than I am, especially since she has to lie to Dad about how much this costs so he doesn't call the vet and tell them to just put her down without letting us know. Yeah, he's a fucking winner.
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