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Baby-sitting right now, so I probably shouldn't be online, but whatever okay they're upstairs with their friend and I'm just playing around with their piano like an idiot.


May's home for good from the vet's. It was deeefinitely scary there for a while: she got to come home for a few days, but then it turned out that either her iron or T cell* levels were about half what they needed to be, so we had to bring her back over the weekend for a full blood transfusion. At first the vet told us to, um, "steal a fat cat from the neighbors" so we could steal some blood and bring it back.


But the neighbors take awful care of their cats and we didn't want to risk her catching anything, so we just used his fat cat which makes me wonder why he didn't suggest that to begin with. It all went great, she's home, and she's back to being fucking pissed off at the world, especially since I have her locked in the dog's giant crate until she's fully recovered enough to go outside.

Arman and Mom both have swine flu— I was actually kind of worried about leaving Mom at home, because her fever hit 102.3 this morning, but she told me to go, so. Dad and I keep offering to make them bacon, which they don't seem to appreciate at all. Bastards.

THAT IS PRETTY MUCH IT. I want to play the Persona remake so bad so someone better strip that firmware upgrade soon. If P3PSP has it, I'll cry blood.

oh also! I thiiiink I might want to think about thinking about getting back into RPing sometime soon. This is a very dumb idea, because next semester's coming up and I'm doubling my courseload, but what the hell. MOOD: QUIXOTIC.

nooow to finish summarizing my drug legalization chapters for ethics. how exciting.

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