blame me for the rocks and baby bones. (warwolves) wrote,
blame me for the rocks and baby bones.

so I said I would do a post. AND I WILL.

I signed up for classes! I actually signed up for classes a week before everyone else— I got into the Disabled Student Services program, hooray for the system working in my favor. I have to take ... 27 units (yes I know) for transfer reasons, and I honestly don't want to go into the whole thing right now because it'll stress me out, but suffice to say that is a lot of classes. The vast majority are easy-A online classes (lol "Introduction to Health") that I've cross-referenced on RateMyProfessor. I'm a little concerned about the two bio and art history classes, but I need them for transfer requirements, sooo what can you do.

I feel kind of awful right now, to be honest. I've been depressed for the last week or two, so I think I need to get my Lamictal upped. whiiich means a trip to the psychiatrist, which means another $110 charge! Or I could just take my usual one pill and then half of another, considering that's what he'd prescribe, anyway. I'm making myself miserable over tiny little things, and everything's spiraling into one big ... miserable spiral. of misery. I want to just fall asleep and not have to be awake and feel like this, which is usually the number one sign that, yep, it's the ol' bipolar acting up again.

misery misery misery. trying to think of things that don't make me unhappy. um.

... I really can't think of anything. wow. okay. uh—

OH RIGHT Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. oh my god guys golden sun. so. much. nostalgia. It's exactly like the first two, which means not particularly good but very pretty and decent gameplay and your party is basically GS1 2.0, except Jenna has blue hair and wind psynergy and Ivan's been replaced with an annoying little nerdball. I'm up to ... the underground city thing! I have no idea, I don't even read the text half the time (which I realize totally diminishes the appeal of Golden Sun) and I'm chilling with Piers's illegitimate son and waiting for Alex to show up again and be politely douchey.

OH AND ALSO: I sent my computer to be fixed about two months ago, and now they've finally told me they're, uh, not going to do it, but here have the $700 you spent on it in the first place! Any suggestions for new ones in the $700-$800 range? I'd prefer laptops that are at least decent for gaming.
Tags: college, depression, emo, real life, video games
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