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rule this land and call yourself kingfisher.

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blame me for the rocks and baby bones.
9 May
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, :'), a song of ice and fire, abhorsen, acting, akuroku, albus severus potter, always starting never finishing, androgyny, animal liberation front, autumn, balthier/vaan, boys in eyeliner, british accents, caius greylace, casey-ra, cats, cedric/hedge, cranes for peace, cravats, dead poets society, dingos ate my baby, disney, doc martins, epic fail guy, everyone/everyone, fai/kurogane, ferian will let you fish, finish him with splash, firefly, firefox, freedom of speech, fuck yeah seaking, gay rights, ghosts, good omens, gratuitous capslock, growing up cullen, hatori/ayame, havemercy, his dark materials, his name is what?, hitori the drigon, honeydew syndrome, i just lost the game, jaime/loras, jazzeon, kicking iz, kingdom hearts, konstantin morgenstern, loras tyrell, losing the game, loveless, luna lovegood, making a difference, making it count, mcgoogles, monty python, motherfucking huge sparkly text, mwpp, mythology, nanowrimo, neil gaiman, oscar wilde, ot3s, ouran host club, paint shop pro, parkour, procrastinating at procrastination, rainstorms, rook/thom, roxas, roxas with his mouth open, rping, rping rpgs, sandman, scarlett johansson's mind, simon/river, sirius black, slam poetry, slash, smut, snakes on a plane, snark, subtlety, suoh tamaki, swordspoint, tarot, the dresden dolls, the navidson record, the rainbow guard, they too love, tipsy oddferrets, toradora!, twincest, world war three, writing, wtf mate, xigbar/demyx, yami no matsuei, yes we ke-han, your mom by clamp

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